Ceramic Coating Services near Sea Girt, NJ

Top Ceramic Coating Company For Sea Girt Residents

Elbow Grease is a car detailing company specializing in ceramic coating that has been serving the Sea Girt area for the past 10 years. Our skilled staff members have a commitment to ensuring that every job they do is done to exceed our customers’ expectations. We have become the leading provider in ceramic coating jobs because of our commitment to excellence. We have an extensive track record that spans a decade detailing all types of cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles and providing additional services like wet sanding, compounding, carpet and fabric shampooing and protection, dent repairs, and more.

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High End Ceramic Coating Service Serving Sea Girt Residents

If you are a car owner in the Sea Girt area looking for a ceramic coating job you can trust then Elbow Grease is the place for you! By applying ceramic coating to your vehicle you are protecting its exterior with a layer that is about 50 times thicker than traditional wax or sealants. Your vehicle will now be protected against scratches, stains, and more for years to come. We understand that your vehicle is a major investment and we treat your vehicle like it’s our own when it is in our shop.

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Sea Girt’s Top Choice For Protecting Your Vehicle’s Exterior With Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a great way for our Sea Girt residents to protect their vehicles exterior from the elements throughout the year. If you are looking for more protection for other parts of your vehicle, we also are able to ceramic coat your glass, wheels, and trims. Furthermore, we offer fabric and leather protection for the interior of the car so that you can rest easy knowing your entire vehicle is protected for the long term, in and out.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment to have a ceramic coating added to your vehicle in Sea Girt, Contact us today by filling out a contact form or by calling us at (732) 403-7449. We offer two locations in Wall Township and Tinton Falls. We look forward to serving you!